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Steven Van O'Meara

Stephen Van O’Meara is best known for his sculptural centerpieces, objet d'art, hollowware and curiosities executed in solid silver and gold. As master goldsmith, silversmith & sculptor, Stephen has transformed the concept of silver tableware and sculpture with unique, fresh and contemporary designs grounded in classical inspiration. His work has won numerous awards.

Born February 27th 1954 in Denver, Colorado, Stephen was introduced to silversmithing at age 11 while at camp in the Rocky mountains of Colorado. Upon his return home he erected a makeshift silversmithing bench in his bedroom, and proceeded to make and sell small sculptures and jewelry for friends and family. By age 13, he had his first O'Meara Sterling hallmark.

At age 14, on an educational trip to Europe, Stephen was awestruck by the famous sculpture of the "Ecstasy of St.Teresa" by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Rome. Viewing the superb craftsmanship and dynamic composition of the piece, Stephen knew then and there that he wanted to become a sculptor and goldsmith and touch people's lives through art.

A year later, Stephen traveled to Russia and Japan, and was deeply impressed by the work of Russian goldsmiths at the Kremlin Museum and Japanese masters in “Mokume Gane” and metal forging. As a testament to the moment that changed his life in Italy, Stephen made a 1/12th scale reproduction of Bernini's "Ecstasy of St.Teresa" in solid 18kt gold and Lapis Lazuli, which took 3 years to build and was completed in 2001.

Stephen began on his artistic quest by studying sculpture with Helen Crosbie & George Carlson and later with Bruno Lucchesi. He sought American & European masters in goldsmithing and silversmithing and apprenticed with them for short periods to gain knowledge and expertise. As such, after many years of study and practice, Stephen is distinguished as one of only a few American artisans who practices every aspect of the goldsmiths and silversmiths craft himself. Uniquely, this enables him to produce each piece from start to finish in his own studio, from hand-raising, to casting, fabrication, chasing, engraving & enameling.

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