O'Meara Sterling
Stephen Van O'Meara
Artist Quote

Stephen O´Meara's  focus as a goldsmith combines ancient and modern techniques to execute pieces of the finest detail. He is skilled in the forgotten arts of hand-forging, chasing, repouse and hand-engraving, as well as metal-spinning and lost-wax casting. Stephen´s work is thus given a depth, richness and sustained beauty rarely found in arts today.

Under his company name, "O´Meara Sterling," Stephen hand-makes solid sterling hollowware, jewelry and  miniature silver He also makes striking decorative pieces, such as jewel-encrusted gold eggs, life-like shells and flowers in sterling and gold, and decorative hand-chased bowls. Each piece is a one of a kind or limited edition.His original sculptures are sold under his own name "Stephen Van O´Meara."

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